OG.Social has built in help overlays that show you how to use the basic functionality of the app.  Follow the below instructions to access the OG.Social help:

Open the OG.Social app

Tap the Profile icon on the lower right

Tap Settings on the upper left

Tap Show Help Overlays at the bottom.  The app will then take you to your home feed, and start a 5 step instruction, listed below.

1.  Double tap OG.Social to refresh the main feed. Single tap to view the top of your feed.

2.  Tap the yellow plus at the top of the screen to Add a Story.

3.  Tap Play to watch your main feed in a full screen slide show.

4.  Tap the Magnifying Glass to search for people to follow and hashtags to view.

5.  Devices with a volume control switch mutes all sounds from app.